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December 2022

An article with dreadful advice for scientists reminds us that not everyone has learned the lessons from the replication crisis
A lawsuit about cheating on an exam reveals some weird misconceptions about twins - perpetrated by those who should know better

November 2022

Erections! Pornography! And now that I have your attention, this is an article about erections and pornography

October 2022

Banning scientists from using data to research certain topics is a bad move for all sorts of reasons
Not long ago, growth mindset was described as life-changing. Now it's just a minor factor that might--or might not--help your kids' education. And…

September 2022

A recent study on homeopathy shows reminds us that meta-analysis - like any study - can look superficially solid yet still produce nonsense

August 2022

A dialogue (with myself)
A CRISPR study claimed to upend the established science on genetic mutations. Did it?
There was no defending that appalling "autoethnography" paper on masturbation. But a lot of academics defended it anyway
People on Twitter love to ridicule noisy-looking graphs. But very often, they're just misunderstanding the statistics

July 2022

A recent meta-analysis looked like good news for the effectiveness of "nudge" theory. Does a new set of rebuttal letters throw the whole idea into…